What's The Cost?

Crew Photoshoot

When photographing a crew at a Station, I ask that each person kicks in a $15 deposit.  This deposit can be used for any photos they later choose to purchase. 


I also ask that the Station buys a framed panoramic photo at $200.

Panoramic Prints

Panoramic crew photos date back to the late 1800's. 


As I print all the photos myself, I can print to your unique size specifications. 

Most are printed at

9 inches tall by about 28 inches long. 

Prints are $45


Framed and matted prints are $200

Pano Lynnwood.png
Portraits and 8x10's

More traditional shaped photos are fun too!  We can do 8x10's and all other shapes printed or framed.  Prices will depend on size.

Michelle Williams #4 Bleached.jpg