Boise Or Bust!

When a coworker and longtime friend of mine told me his son was in Recruit School with Boise Fire, I may have said something like "Ooooh, it might be fun to go take his photo..."

So obviously, that's how the rest of this story goes. I made contact with Boise Fire and they were kind enough to take me up on my offer to come out and take some photos.

Flash forward a few weeks, I said goodbye to my dog Huck and boarded a plane for Boise, ID.

After a short flight I made my way the rental car desk where I was immediately given a free SUV upgrade, probably because they knew I'm a huge name in "PNW Firefighter Photography (and because they were out of other cars).

My first stop was at Boise Fire Station 6, where the B-Shift dudes were cool enough to come out and pose for some photos, as well as point me in the direction of some lunch.