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Boise Or Bust!

When a coworker and longtime friend of mine told me his son was in Recruit School with Boise Fire, I may have said something like "Ooooh, it might be fun to go take his photo..."

So obviously, that's how the rest of this story goes. I made contact with Boise Fire and they were kind enough to take me up on my offer to come out and take some photos.

Flash forward a few weeks, I said goodbye to my dog Huck and boarded a plane for Boise, ID.

After a short flight I made my way the rental car desk where I was immediately given a free SUV upgrade, probably because they knew I'm a huge name in "PNW Firefighter Photography (and because they were out of other cars).

My first stop was at Boise Fire Station 6, where the B-Shift dudes were cool enough to come out and pose for some photos, as well as point me in the direction of some lunch.

The second stop of the day was at Boise Station 4, a beautiful new triple house where two shifts of Firefighters, Captains and Chiefs were on hand for photos.

After leaving I Station 4 I made my way to the Boise Fire Training Facility. They were kind enough to allow me to witness some of their last evolutions, as well as come back the next morning for some group photos.

That night after leaving Training I enjoyed the wild night life near my hotel by visiting a Dave and Busters where on HUGE tv's I watched both WWE and NHL hockey while eating burger. I was in bed by 10.

Next morning, with only a few hours left of my 2 day visit, I made my way to Station 9 and waited for the sun to get high enough in the sky to start taking photos. Both B and C-Shifts were very cool and agreed to come out and stand on my dotted line for photos.

After leaving Station 9, I made my way across town to Station 17 for my last set of Boise Fire Photos.

I'm super appreciative to all the nice Boise Fire folks I met while I was in town. Everyone was super kind and patient with me on my visit. Both their Training Center and their Stations were very impressive and a pleasure to visit.

All their photos can be seen at these two links:

Recruit Candids:

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