Henny The Fire Dog

She passed away this week at the age of 14.

A little bit about a super cool dog:

Before I ever met Henny, she'd already had a storied start to life. She was born in Smithtown, NY to the Guide Dog Foundation as they hoped she would become a seeing eye dog. Well, Henny had many awesome traits but waiting patiently under a table or not chasing some smart-ass cat across the street were not some of them. She was quickly fired from that job. Before getting canned however, Henny's first year of life was spent with a super loving family in NJ. They took Henny to many awesome places like Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks.

Baby henny soaking up the love of her puppy raising family.

Henny on vacation with her puppy family at Yellowstone National Park.

ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) quickly grabbed up Henny in the hopes that she could make it as an Arson or Bomb dog.