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How Far Is Spokane?...

So I may have over-committed when I promised I could be in Spokane, WA by 0930 to start photos. Turns out Spokane, WA is over a 4 hour drive from Seattle. I probably should have researched that before engaging my mouth and making promises. So I hit the road at 4:30 and found the mountain pass to be dark and foggy but I made it in time.

Both Spokane Fire and Spokane Valley Fire were great hosts and fun to visit with.

After Spokane I raced the winter setting sun down to Yakima where they were waiting for photos as well. More about that visit in my next post.

My favorite shot of the trip is on the top right below. Lt. Bacon asked if I could take a photo of him and the Battalion Chief. I thought he was just schmoozing the Chief. Turns out it's his Dad. Love those shots...

All of the Spokane photos at the links here:

Spokane Fire:

Spokane Valley Fire:

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