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I finally made it to Tacoma.

I’ve been taking fire photos in the area for 5 years but never have worked in Tacoma. So I was super happy to help when they called.

The plan was to visit Tacoma Fire's Station 1 and get some crew photos of the D-Shifters. We planned it for late morning on a Wednesday. Easy right? Nope.

Run after run, the bells just kept hitting. First both Engine and Ladder were gone. Then the Engine made it back just long enough to back up onto the ramp before heading out again for a boat fire. We could see the column of smoke from the back of the station.

At one point a person came to the front door and used the Emergency phone to call 911 because he was sick and Engine 4 had to come by to care for him.

After about an hour and a half of hanging out in the parking lot listening to Harry Potter on tape, Ladder 1 came by long enough to do some crew photos.

The bummer was I never did get Engine 1. The highlight however was that I did get some super-cool family shots. Dad (a Battalion Chief) and his two boys were all on duty at the same time. That was awesome!

Maybe next time Engine 1. Maybe next time...

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