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My Visit To Yakima Fire

The longer version of this story is how some Yakima Fire friends called and asked if I could come visit and take some new shift photos for them. As always I was like “sure”. Well from my previous post you might have seen I over estimated my ability to hit some Spokane area stations in the same day. This caused a shit-ton (scientific term) of driving all to end with me getting to Yakima with about a half hour of daylight to make the photos happen.

B-Shift was awesome and we got all their photos in before the Winter sun disappeared at something like 4:30. Being super hospitable they fed me Meatzza for dinner and gave me a room to crash in. They even took me on an Aid call to Walmart.

Next morning C-Shift came on and we got some more fun photos. In addition to firefighters, I also got to meet their Fire Chief and get some Staff photos.

On my way out of town I stopped at Station 2 “The Lodge” and got that crew with a few past members rotating in for photos as well.

Thanks Yakima!

If you want to see all our Yakima Fire photos, please visit this address:

Yakima Fire Chief

B-Shift really lacks any personality...

Good seeing my old friend “Shift Commander” Norton while I was in town.

C-Shift was gung-ho to get the antique out and into the photo.

Yakima Station 2 “The Lodge”.

Did some headshots to help with their Stairclimb fundraising.

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