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One very busy day with Vancouver Fire and Rescue.

My day with Vancouver fire started with an early morning trip out of Seattle. After getting across the boarder without incident, my first Firehall (that's Canadian for Firestation) was with the crew at Hall 18. That's an extra cool shot because the Battalion Chief was good to jump in it with the dudes.

The Chief then called down to Hall 3 and volun-told them I was coming. I think they were suspicious it was some kind of pyramid scheme but they eventually unlocked the doors and came out for a photo.

After a quick stop at a Canadian Fat Burger (where they don't know what blue cheese is) I was again on the move to Hall 18. I parked on a meter but had no idea what kind of coins to use. The crew from 18's rescued me with Canadian currency and we were good to go.

On the road for the last time headed to Hall 6. We did the regular "Ramp" photos but then they stuffed me in the engine and we headed to the waterfront where they keep their Fireboat. Once out on the boat they dropped me on a fuel barge where I then photographed them on their boat with some fun backgrounds. Once again on the boat we headed back to the Station... oops, Hall for a super tasty lasagna dinner.

Got to my super classy Best Western by 9PM just in time for some Law And Order... Great day!

All my Vancouver Fire photos can be seen here:

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Oh my, you are really busy....or have a lot of actions to convert the images that are really good and a lot of work.

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