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Photos are like time machines...

A few weeks ago the fire station doorbell rang and we answered it. There at the door was Mrs. Charlotte Clark, holding something in her hand. Mrs. Clark is the widow of Seattle Firefighter Robert Clark. Robert retired from SFD in 1978.

In Charlotte's hand was a framed photo of her husband and his crew when he was a member of Engine 10. She offered us the photo to copy if we wanted. We were happy to do just that.

Once home, I did a bit of research. I was able to find firefighter Clark's employment card to see the dates and locations he had worked within Seattle Fire.

I also contacted "The Last Resort Fire Department" for some help dating the photo by the rig and the uniforms. Last Resort informed me that the vehicle was Apparatus 295, a 1964 Kenworth, used by Engine 10 from 1964-1967.

But my best bit of information came when I opened the photo to scan it. On the back of the photo were the handwritten names of the crew. Gold!

I scanned it and cleaned it up a bit with Photoshop, then added the names so nobody would ever have to wonder who those handsome dudes were. And then just because I can't leave well enough alone, I colored in that brand new Kenworth.

These photos and all the other "oldies" I've collected are here and free to download.

Enjoy the time machine!

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