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The Dogs want to go to Bothell!

Last Friday my two dog helpers and I took a trip to Bothell Fire for some photos. Henny being the retired arson dog had to go in order to give me street cred. Huck had to go because he says the truck doesn’t roll without him in it...

The A-Shifters at Bothell Fire Station 42 were kind to come out and pose for some photos. Behind them they have one of their two brand new Pierce pumpers.

I was excited to get some Bothell shots because later this Summer a few of my photos will be in a Bothell show (Tsuga Fine Art) and I thought it would be fitting to have some local folks on display. Bothell Fire and I will come up with a charity to donate to, if any of their photos get sold.

All the Bothell photos can be seen here:

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