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This great old photo

On my visit to Boise Fire Station 4, A-Shift had a great idea for a photo. They were in possession of an "old" photo from 1913 showing 5 firefighters and their horse drawn team. They wanted to recreate this photo. So we did.

Once back home I used the Google Machine to find the original Boise Fire photo and a whole bunch more with the help of Boise State University and their awesome online archives.

The archives gave the names of all the firefighters, their horse team was called The Nasty Blacks, and the photo location of Fire Station 2.

During this research I discovered this awesome photo only exists because of a firefighter named "Doc" Roach. Doc left behind a ton of great photos, mostly documenting Boise Fire and Police Departments. His collection is now available online through Boise State. That collection can be seen here:

Thanks again to all the firefighters who gave me their time.

All my Boise Fire Photos can be seen here:

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