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While hanging in Portland...

While visiting Portland for the 2019 Firemanship Conference, I was able to hook up with my friend Leo and his crew of Engine 30. But things were a bit tricky in regards to actually getting the photos done...

One important lesson I've learned from being a firefighter for the past 22 years is to stay flexible with my "plans" for the day. This was a good lesson for trying to photograph Engine 30.

The first change of plans came when their Rope Rescue class got moved up to our photo time. No big deal, I just jumped into a Lyft and got my butt in gear sooner.

The next change came in regards to our photo location. Normally I like to take the photo in front of the Station. This was not going to happen at 30's, as their bay floor was being painted by 6 or 7 dudes with a giant truck parked on the ramp.

Did I mention one of their regular crew got stuck on the wrong side of a mountain pass by 4 feet of snow? Yeah, so he's out...

We decided on a back photo location at the local golf course. Headed in that direction they caught a run.

Finally we got to the golf course and started snapping photos. That's when one of their biggest fans (Mrs. Tello) just had to jump into a photo and told me to email it to her. Only ladies phone number I got the whole trip...

Changing into their bunkers for our last photo, they caught another run. I didn't want to slow them down so I told them to just leave me there in the parking lot. They totally left me!

Lyft rescued me for a ride back to my hotel.

My new motto is, some photos is better than none photos.

Thanks Engine 30!

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